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PrimeWare products are “Sustainable” and “Environmentally Friendly.” Here’s what that means: Sustainable Products Made From Renewable Resources People across the world are realizing that as the global population increases, the earth’s natural resources are quickly depleting. Continued land development and deforestation are contributing to the lo...
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PrimeWare Certifications

Primeware products are made from sustainable resources; this means the raw materials used in creating these items are renewable annually. Our products are white in color due to the use of only the highest-grade natural molded fiber. Primeware also produces a line of products that contain an additive for moisture and grease resistance. Please not...
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Too Much “Green”?

Press Release – April 7, 2009 – Woodland, CA – We have all heard about companies and people who are “going green” and making more efforts to support our environment. This eco-friendly movement is particularly strong on the West Coast and is now spreading through the whole country. But, what does “going green” really mean?A few years ago, you did...
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PrimeWare Owner Featured on QSRWeb

On May 20th, just following this year’s National Restaurant Show, a video of PrimeWare owner Kurt Koch was featured on the website for QSRWeb.  The video features Kurt talking about PrimeWare’s new line of hinged-lid containers lined with PLA (polylactic acid), which were debuted at the NRA Show.The addition of PLA lining to PrimeWare containers...
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Why Compost? Why NOT Compost??

Press Release – Sacramento, Ca – June 12, 2009 – Everywhere we look these days we’re bombarded with people telling us to recycle and go green. “Buy organic!” they say. “Compost your trash!” is demanded. Plenty of people are doing it from movie stars to crazy hippies.  Movie stars do it because it’s a fad. Hippies do it because they want to pleas...
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PrimeWare’s PLA Lining becomes BPI Certified

Just under a year ago PrimeWare introduced its revolutionary lined natural molded fiber hinged-lid containers. PrimeWare’s natural molded fiber products are BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) certified and now our PLA (polylactic acid) lining has joined them. BPI is an association made up of various stakeholders from the government, industry...
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