What is Bagasse?

Sugar canePress Release – Burlingame, CA – January 15, 2009 – When it comes to disposable tableware, many people are looking to options other than Styrofoam as the earth becomes more environmentally conscious. One of these options is bagasse.

Bagasse is recycled fiber created when sugarcane is squeezed and you are left with fibrous pulp material. This material used to be disposed by burning which caused air pollution and other hazardous conditions. It is now processed into a usable form that is the raw material used for tableware. Currently bagasse is solely produced in China for commercial use.

When processed in a commercial composting facility, Bagasse biodegrades completely in approximately 30-90 days depending on the thickness of the product. Bagasse is microwavable, freezer-safe, and can hold temperature’s up to approximately 180 degrees Celsius.

PrimeWare is one of the largest suppliers of natural molded fiber in the United States. They offer a complete line of the compostable products including plates, bowls, platters, and hinged lid containers. Their factories have the ability to make new molds and are constantly looking to improve their products.