PrimeWare Owner Featured on QSRWeb

PrimeLink show boothOn May 20th, just following this year’s National Restaurant Show, a video of PrimeWare owner Kurt Koch was featured on the website for QSRWeb.  The video features Kurt talking about PrimeWare’s new line of hinged-lid containers lined with PLA (polylactic acid), which were debuted at the NRA Show.

The addition of PLA lining to PrimeWare containers does not change any of their Eco-Friendly properties. PLA-lined containers provide a superior moisture and grease barrier for hot foods. The eco-friendly and compostable PLA lining virtually eliminates all the moisture issues previously associated with very hot foods and natural molded fiber containers. PrimeWare is the first and only company to have PLA-lined hinged-lid containers.

In the video, Kurt also discusses PrimeWare’s entire line of eco-friendly and compostable tableware. Their line includes plates, bowls, hinged-lid containers, and platters all made from natural molded fiber.  The line of cup carriers is made from recycled cardboard and waste paper.  PrimeWare also offers a private labeling program where customers can choose to have their logo embossed or de-bossed on the hinged-lid containers.

At the NRA Show, PrimeWare also introduced their new cup carriers with trays and utility trays.  The cup carriers are available in both two and four cup styles with a compartment to carry wrapped foods in addition to beverages.