PrimeWare Certifications

Primeware products are made from sustainable resources; this means the raw materials used in creating these items are renewable annually.

Our products are white in color due to the use of only the highest-grade natural molded fiber.

Primeware also produces a line of products that contain an additive for moisture and grease resistance. Please note that all manufacturers of molded-fiber products use a similar additive. The additive is FDA approved and does not affect the composability of the products.

General Product Information:

  • Compostable products are Certified compostable by the BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute)
  • Tested using ASTM D6400 guidelines
  • Meets FDA guidelines for molded-fiber food contact surfaces
  • Meets Health Canada guidelines for foodservice disposables
  • Microwaveable and freezer safe
  • Ability to create custom items
  • Can private label for large volume distributors

PrimeWare Certifications

BPI Logo

BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute)
The BPI certifies products as compostable only after they have been tested by the ASTM standards and have successfully met ASTM guidelines. Additionally, test results need to be submitted to a scientific review board for final approval before receiving the BPI certificate.


ASTM D6400
PrimeWare has been tested by ASTM standards, and meets their guidelines for compostable molded fiber products. Note: ASTM does not “Certify” products, they simply create testing standards and protocol to be followed during research.

FDA Logo

PrimeWare complies with FDA guidelines for food contact surfaces.

ISO Logo

ISO 9001
This certifies that the factory has beenaudited and meets this ISO standard for Quality Management Systems for processing, production and sale of disposable paper pulp molded products.
ISO 14001
This certifies that the factory has been audited and meets this ISO standard for Environmental Management Systems for processing production and sale of disposable paper pulp molded products.

USDA BioPreferred
The BioPreferred program aims to increase the purchase and use of renewable, environmentally friendly bio based products while providing “green” jobs and new markets for farmers, manufacturers, and vendors.

Health Canada
PrimeWare has received the approval of the Canadian government as safe for food contact.