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PrimeWare in Floored!

April 10, 2009 – Burlingame, CA – In the April 9 issue of Floored!, the official blog of the NRA Show ’09, PrimeWare was recognized as one of the “green” companies attending the show. The article discusses how there is so much “green” information out there right now and a lot of the different products will be showcased, including PrimeWare. Ther...
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PrimeWare: Innovator in the Industry

Since its launch in July of 2004, PrimeWare has become a leader in the industry of Eco-Friendly disposable tableware. The nearly six-year-old company would have never dreamed that it would someday make items for everything from pizza parlors to Chinese restaurants to large national restaurant chains. However, one dream that they always held was ...
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Community Involvement

Here at PrimeWare, we are a green business, and as a green business, we want to make sure that we do our part to help our community become more green as well. In order to do this, we donate product to various organizations within our community. For example, we have proudly donated product to Dixon, California’s Little League and Grad Night. We a...
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Community Composting on the Rise

Over the last several years a wave was building of communities that wanted to start local composting programs. In some cases, the recession slowed their growth, but many of these attempts have survived and thrived as communities began to work together to solve simple problems where they could effect change. Neighborhood composting is something t...
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Is My Plate Compostable Or Recyclable?

There are so many terms that are bandied about nowadays when it comes to eco-friendly products (there’s another one) that we risk all of these terms becoming meaningless if we aren’t a little more careful with how we use them. If you look at various product labels, from tableware to toilet paper, many manufacturers are attempting to look green ...
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