Too Much “Green”?

lightbulbPress Release – April 7, 2009 – Woodland, CA – We have all heard about companies and people who are “going green” and making more efforts to support our environment. This eco-friendly movement is particularly strong on the West Coast and is now spreading through the whole country. But, what does “going green” really mean?

A few years ago, you didn’t need to do much more than change one or two simple things about your company to be considered an eco-friendly company. A company would get media attention for their environmentally conscious steps by making one or two simple changes.  However, those days are gone. It seems today everyone is turning their business in a “green” direction one way or another, so your company has to go above and beyond to get some attention for their efforts. Adding a simple solar panel to the roof will not cut it anymore. Since the “green” industry has grown so much and there are so many sources offering so much different information now, it is important to make sure you know where the information is coming from and that you are getting correct facts.

PrimeWare sells quality eco-friendly products, and provides customers with up-to-date information about the industry. Kurt Koch, one of the owners of PrimeWare, states, “Being part of an industry that is still in its infancy makes it vital that we share concise and accurate information about biodegradable foodservice disposables. Education is the key for those that want to upgrade to eco-friendly foodservice products.”

PrimeWare’s line of tableware is made from natural molded fiber and includes plates, platters, bowls, hinged lid containers, and trays. PrimeWare also supplies cup carriers made from recycled cardboard and waste paper. All of their products are biodegradable and compostable.

PrimeWare is the top manufacturer and supplier of natural molded fiber tableware in the United States. They have a large private labeling program that is a significant part of their business. PrimeWare is also introducing several new products at the National Restaurant Show in May, including the “Next Generation” of natural molded fiber. If you are attending the show, visit them at booth 1139E to see this innovative new product line.

Joanie Parsons, founder of Seattle-based Parsons PR, put is this way, “Transparency and authenticity are critical—you need to be able to back up your claims and have an impact.” It is important not to just put on a façade that your company cares about the environment, but it is also important to work at being eco-friendly from the inside-out.