PrimeWare’s PLA Lining becomes BPI Certified

BPI LogoJust under a year ago PrimeWare introduced its revolutionary lined natural molded fiber hinged-lid containers. PrimeWare’s natural molded fiber products are BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) certified and now our PLA (polylactic acid) lining has joined them. BPI is an association made up of various stakeholders from the government, industry, and academia that advocates for the use, and proper disposal of biodegradable paper and plastic products.

PrimeWare uses a thin sheet of PLA and in essence “melts” it onto the natural molded fiber. When faced with hot or greasy foods, unlined natural molded fiber containers don’t fare too well. However, PLA lining on containers creates a complete moisture and grease barrier, dashing away any prior worries. PLA is derived from plant-starch material, which means that it is fully compostable in a proper composting facility just like the rest of PrimeWare’s products.

Becoming BPI-certified is no simple task. To earn BPI certification, products must go through many rigorous tests and scientific review. Only products that pass all tests and meet the highest standards of compostability are certified. PrimeWare is now proud to have earned the honor for both our unlined and line natural molded fiber products.

Here at PrimeWare, we believe in doing things the green way, and our BPI certifications prove it. So next time you have the choice, choose PrimeWare, and choose Innovation for the Environment.