Natural Molded Fiber

Natural Molded Fiber is an eco-friendly alternative to Styrofoam, with natural molded fiber being made from plant based materials.
Normally disposed of plant waste gets a second life via a high-heat, high-pressure molding process that can provide plates, bowls, trays, containers and much more!
Natural molded fiber offers less C02 emissions in comparison to Styrofoam, and this annually renewable resource only takes one year to mature.
By coating natural molded fiber products, such as hinged lid containers, with a PLA film (referenced below) we can offer higher heat resistant product lines that are ideal for standing up to hot foods and liquids.
Once natural molded fiber products are placed in an industrial compost pile, it takes just 3-6 months to decompose.  The best part is that this decomposing product makes perfect fertilizer, which provides even greater eco-benefits to help with new plant growth.

Bagasse Cycle Bagasse Cycle

Polylactic Acid (PLA) or Crystallized Polylactic Acid (CPLA)

Polylactic Acid (PLA) is a biopolymer created from dextrose, a type of sugar, which is separated from other biobased materials.  Most commonly, corn is a common feedstock providing high amounts of dextrose for processing.  In certain applications where higher heat tolerance is needed, a crystalized version of PLA (CPLA) is used.
What makes PLA and CPLA an eco-friendly alternative is the ability to regrow the feedstock in a fairly short span of time compared to petroleum based plastics through sustainable farming methods. These methods produce 80% less greenhouse gases and use 52% less non-renewable energy when compared to other traditional plastics.
One of the major benefits of PLA and CPLA is that it maintains the feel of traditional plastic, which many customers prefer. PLA can also be used as a coating on paper cups and natural molded fiber products, such as hinged lid containers, to give them a greater heat resistance.
PLA and CPLA items can be returned to earth through composting making it an ideal eco-friendly alternative.

PLA & CPLA Cycle PLA & CPLA Cycle

Wood & Paper

Our 100% natural birch wood items are created using a completely organic process that involves no harmful coatings, bleaching or dyes.
Because of this, wood items not only over a naturally elegant and unique appearance, but they are also biodegradable and compostable - a better choice for the earth over plastic alternatives.
UV treatment means that our wooden items are designed be protected against long-term degradation from UV light, allowing for a longer shelf life.

Paper products are a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic straws. The paper used for straws and cups are designed to meet ASTM D6400 and or D6868 standards for compostability.
Paper straws offer all the same functionality as their plastic counterparts, however, their compostability provides an eco-friendly advantage. This advantage helps food establishments or restaurants that operate in the growing list of plastic ban municipalities.
Paper, especially for straws, also offers a clear and visible sign to customers that your establishments care for the environment, by making the move away from harmful plastics.

Wood & Paper Cycle Wood & Paper Cycle