Community Involvement

green community involvementHere at PrimeWare, we are a green business, and as a green business, we want to make sure that we do our part to help our community become more green as well. In order to do this, we donate product to various organizations within our community. For example, we have proudly donated product to Dixon, California’s Little League and Grad Night.

We also donated product to this year’s Green Long Beach Festival in Long Beach, California. The Green Long Beach Festival is an annual festival celebrating Long Beach’s transition to more sustainable practices and to educate people on the many resources available to help make the transition.

On top of donating our product to various causes in the community, educating people within the community on being sustainable is very important to us. One of PrimeWare’s founders, Kurt Koch, recently gave a presentation to his local Rotary Club (many of whose members are local business owners) about why it is important to be a sustainable business. Says Koch, “All successful businesses understand the need to continually change. Starting now, a big part of this change will be a move toward sustainable business practices. This will take time, and it may cost more than doing things the same way you’ve always done them in the past, but your customers are looking for companies that are willing to invest in the future. It doesn’t matter if you believe in the “Green Movement” or not, you are being affected by it, everything from your customer’s attitudes to legislation that dictates how you will be required to run your business in the future.”

We believe that being green isn’t just about your actions; it’s also about your mindset. That is why here at PrimeWare, we choose to help our community become more green through the use of our product, and through educating members of our community about being more sustainable. Becoming a completely green community will take a lot of work, and we can’t do it alone. However, if we continue to work together with the community, someday, it will happen.