PrimeWare: Innovator in the Industry

Innovation For The EnvironmentSince its launch in July of 2004, PrimeWare has become a leader in the industry of Eco-Friendly disposable tableware. The nearly six-year-old company would have never dreamed that it would someday make items for everything from pizza parlors to Chinese restaurants to large national restaurant chains. However, one dream that they always held was to create products to work towards Innovation for the Environment, and now, more than ever, they are doing just that.

Some products that PrimeWare has recently introduced include Eco-Friendly cutlery, PLA-lined products and natural molded fiber portion cups. PrimeWare’s cutlery line is made with annually renewable plant starches. It is grease and moisture resistant and great for use with cold or hot foods. PLA-lined containers provide a superior moisture and grease barrier for hot foods. The eco-friendly and compostable PLA-lining virtually eliminates all the moisture issues previously associated with very hot foods and natural molded fiber containers. PrimeWare’s portion cups include lids and are microwaveable and freezer safe and able to composte in a composting facility. They are currently available in 2 oz. and 4 oz. sizes.

For those who want to show the world that they are going green, PrimeWare will be introducing their “Naturals”tan-colored line at the National Restaurant Show at the end of May. The PrimeWare “Naturals” line of molded fiber tableware and hinged-lid containers is produced to the same exacting standards as their traditional products, but with a different mix of sustainable raw materials. This line uses a mix of bamboo and natural molded fiber to provide exceptional strength, cut and moisture resistance, and a natural “tan” color product.

In addition to the natural tan-colored line, PrimeWare will also be unveiling their new line of “mini trays” at the National Restaurant Show. “Mini trays” are meant for use by grocery stores for packaging meat, produce, and baked goods. They are a part of the “Natural’s” line and will replace the yucky Styrofoam currently used for packaging these types of products in grocery stores.