PrimeWare in Floored!

logo_showApril 10, 2009 – Burlingame, CA – In the April 9 issue of Floored!, the official blog of the NRA Show ’09, PrimeWare was recognized as one of the “green” companies attending the show. The article discusses how there is so much “green” information out there right now and a lot of the different products will be showcased, including PrimeWare. There will also be several green-focused educations sessions for tips and information.

The article also gives several tips for sustainability: turn off; fix leaks; replace lighting; reduce, reuse, recycle; unplug; use less water; train and inform; clean and maintain; remodel or build green; look for the ENERGY STAR label.

PrimeWare will be in booth 1139E at the show and will be bringing out several new lines, including the “next generation” of natural molded fiber! PrimeWare’s line of biodegradable and compostable tableware currently includes: plates, bowls, platters, hinged lid containers, and trays. All of these products are made from natural molded fiber. PrimeWare also carries cup carriers which are made from waste paper and recycled cardboard.

Check out Floored! to read the article.