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Community Composting on the Rise

Over the last several years a wave was building of communities that wanted to start local composting programs. In some cases, the recession slowed their growth, but many of these attempts have survived and thrived as communities began to work together to solve simple problems where they could effect change. Neighborhood composting is something t...
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Is My Plate Compostable Or Recyclable?

There are so many terms that are bandied about nowadays when it comes to eco-friendly products (there’s another one) that we risk all of these terms becoming meaningless if we aren’t a little more careful with how we use them. If you look at various product labels, from tableware to toilet paper, many manufacturers are attempting to look green ...
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How Does Disposable Tableware Make For A Better Street Fair?

It seems that everywhere you look from April to September there is a Street Fair going on.  Whether it is a music festival, an art show, a craft fair or just a bunch of local merchants selling stuff to the locals on a Friday night on Main Street, we seem to love hanging outside with the other members of our community doing something.  It doesn’t...
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Can Disposable Tableware Make Airports Nationwide Greener?

As anyone who travels knows all too well, a lot of people pass thru America’s airports on any given day, and during the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, it seems that the whole world is passing through YOUR airport. America’s connecting airports, like Chicago and Dallas, handle an unbelievable amount of passengers throughout the year just moving to...
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