Styrofoam Ban Successful in San Francisco

PollutionEffective in June 2007, San Francisco banned all polystyrene foam or “Styrofoam” from being used in restaurants. They follow several other cities such as Berkeley and Oakland to create a ban, with many other cities now following suit. The foam cannot be recycled and is not compostable. According to city officials, Styrofoam littering the streets was reduced by about one-third from 2007-2008.

PrimeWare is conveniently located in Burlingame, CA around the corner from San Francisco and carries a line of natural molded fiber compostable tableware including clamshells, plates, bowls, and platters. They also have cup carriers made from recycled cardboard and waste paper. With 4 warehouses placed up and down the west coast and new supplies constantly coming in, PrimeWare is supplying all customers moving in a “green” direction. For those not located on the West Coast but wishing to go in an eco-friendly path, PrimeWare offers several different freight options. PrimeWare also offers private labeling programs for those who wish to use their names and logos.

Kurt, PrimeWare founder and VP of Sales and Marketing states, “The Styrofoam ban that took effect in the middle of 2007 in San Francisco accounted for one of the largest boosts in sales PrimeWare has ever experienced. It also made the public acutely aware of many of the issues surrounding foodservice disposables that are not eco-friendly.”